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Rodney Mathers Consultancy (4521379) was registered in July 2013 and was formed largely through the demand from New Zealand businesses and exporters for independent advice on the dynamic area that is trade credit insurance, as well as other insurance linked matters.

Trade credit insurance is an essential corporate discipline, its essential features however are largely unknown to the average insurance adviser.  Therefore many businesses either do not consider its merits or discuss its value. Its often not even on an insurance advisers check list.

The two motivating factors why businesses should consider this invaluable form of financial guarantee are firstly to protect shareholders funds and profit distributions and secondly to enhance the companies balance sheet.

With credit insurance in place shareholders will sleep well at night in the knowledge that their most liquid asset is covered. The upshot of this is that tens or hundreds of thousands, even millions of well earned profits are protected against the horrifying risks of a major debtor insolvency and non-payment of book debts.

Rod possesses invaluable experience across a wide range of insurance products having initially established one of New Zealand’s largest indigenous broking houses in the 70’s, and was then appointed MD for the New Zealand operations of Lloyds broking house Minets in the 80’s. Thereafter followed the formation of another New Zealand based general broking  house in the 90’s, when  that company was eventually sold to Industrial and Commercial Insurance Brokers Ltd in 1996.

This extensive range of experience culminated with the formation of credit insurance specialist brokerage company ‘Trade Credit Bureau Ltd’ in Sept 2000 following Rod’s return from a four & half years sabatical sailing the Pacific Islands in New Zealand’s cold winters, and acting as a consultant to ICIB Ltd in New Zealand’s summers.

The highly successful Trade Credit Bureau was ultimately sold to specialist credit insurance brokers National Credit Insurance (Brokers) NZ Ltd in 2009 at about the peak of the GFC, and 9 years after TCB’s formation, with Rod being appointed as NCI’s NZ sales and Marketing manager, a role which he held until August 2013.

Over a working lifetime in the insurance industry, Rod has served on many governing insurance broking committees, as a general director including heading up ‘Ethics and Discipline’ committees.

Rod has also had very close associations with the major trading banks, and possesses a thorough understanding of the requirements of lending institutions generally, with all their various assignments and compliance issues.

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