Rodney Mathers Consultancy - Insurance Consultants


Alan Jecks (Sept 2013)
Director at Alan Jecks Insurance Brokers and Owner, AJIB

Rod Mathers is the most innovative Insurance Professional I have ever met. Where others see an uninsurable problem Rod will create an insurance answer.
When he discovered that there were few who knew anything about Credit Insurance in New Zealand he set out to become the foremost expert in the field – and succeeded.
Whenever we have a client with a suitable Credit / Financial Exposure, Rod is the person we call.

Jeremy Sprott (May 2013)
Director / Principal Consultant BC4B Ltd

Rod is the best specialist in New Zealand for Trade Credit Insurance. His knowledge and expertise across this most crucial risk mitigated solution is second to none. Rod provides a high level of integrity, professionalism and energy in his methodology and works very closely with clients to ensure their business credit risks are understood and effectively managed. I have learned a lot from Rod in terms of passion, determination and focus always looking for the optimal solution for his customers to enable them to grow and be successful.

Chris Murphy (Aug 2012)
Managing director at Trade Credit Ltd (NZ Agency of Coface)

I have known Rod Mathers for more than ten years and he has established himself as one of the pre-eminent Trade Credit insurance brokers in NZ, with a fantastic network covering the entire country. He is honest, reliable, trustworthy, very thorough and has a great sense of humor.  Rod always goes out of his way for clients and prospects which is reflected in the high esteem that he is held in the market place. He is a pleasure to deal with, as he is a consummate professional and you consistently know what you are going to get. I have no hesitation in recommending Rod, both as a specialist Trade Credit insurance broker and a vastly experienced business leader.

Rupa Jagannathan (Aug 2012)
Senior account manager at Atradius

During my time at Atradius in NZ I have had considerable dealings with Rod.  He is extremely professional and knowledgeable and great to deal with. He always ensures that his clients get the very best.

Kevin Lindsay (April 2012)
Specialist in designing and managing self-insurance (captive) policies for all sized businesses

I have pleasure in recommending Rod Mathers as a respected expert in trade credit insurance Rod is innovative and in particular has a special ability to break down complex problems in a short time frame and present solutions to clients in a  relaxed and easy to understood manner. Rod has a vast range of experience in most areas of insurance. He has held senior directorships and management positions in many successful companies. A pleasure to work for.

Janice Riley (Aug 2012)
Customer services mgr/ credit mgr at Masport

Rod was introduced to me via our CEO of our parent company with regards to reviewing our trade debtors insurance. Rod was precise and informative with his findings and in the end we ended up reviewing our policy through him and saving the company quite a bit of money with of course a better policy. Rod is very thorough with his work and also explains his findings so you understand fully what you are getting. I would recommend Rod to any company who were looking for insurance.

Crossley Gates (Aug 2012)
Insurance partner at DLA Phillips Fox

“If you need Trade Credit insurance, Rodney is your man” I have helped Rodney and several of Rodney’s clients with a number of contested insurance claims. Rodney is hugely experienced in this area and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Indeed I have already referred a couple of my clients to him.”

Garry Mooney (Oct 2011)
Owner and Managing Director of Industrial and Commercial Insurance Brokers Ltd

Rod has a very good technical knowledge of a very technical insurance product.  He works hard for his clients in obtaining the best price and on claims assistance.

Colin Foster (Sept 2011)
GM Finance at Tatua Dairy Co-operative

Rod is new to our account this year and has demonstrated his deep understanding of trade credit insurance. We have found him very professional to deal with and recommend him to other firms looking for a specialist broker.

Martin Jones (Sept 2011)
Country Manager at Atradius Credit Insurance N V (NZ)

During my time as Country manager of Atradius NZ, I had considerable dealings with Rod and found him to be a highly dedicated business person, meticulous in every detail and very motivated He provided excellent service to his clients while maintaining cordial and professional relations with underwriters.